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The key to a great brand is relevance. We work closely with your team to capture the essence of your business offering to create a brand that will resonate with your consumer. We work with start-ups, re-brands and sub-brands.

Market Research

Understanding and being in the know of where your industry is and where it’s going is an integral part of making your brand relevant. We investigate and uncover all there is to know about your industry through in-depth studies and research.

Consumer Research

What are consumers in your marketplace talking about? How do they perceive your brand? Have you considered how to make your consumer’s life better? We determine and research your ideal consumer, discover their needs and map their buying journey.

Brand Positioning

Once we have completed both market and consumer research, we use our findings to strategically position your brand for success. This process assures your brand is positioned to make an impact and resonate with your consumer.

Logo Design

Your logo is the visual identity of your brand and is sometimes the first impression your customer has of your brand. Whether it’s a company logo or sub-brand we deliver aesthetically pleasing logo designs that encapsulate your brand so your customer’s first impression is a great impression.

Nomenclature & Tagline Development


Looking for that perfect name for your company or product? We provide both name ideation and trademarking services.


Tagline Development

A great tagline should not describe what you do it should describe what you represent to your customer. We use your brand positioning as the foundation for writing a tagline with impact.

Package Design

Whether you’re looking to stand out on the retail shelf or simply need high-level production for non-retail products we have you covered. Specifically to plastic pail labelling, we are well versed in the technical aspects and challenges of working with both thermoform and IML labelling and understand how to maximize the quality of each through smart, strategic designs.


We forge strong dynamic designs that stand out on shelf along with proper visual hierarchy to help the consumer make their purchase decision quickly. No matter what type of material or container we provide custom design solutions that maximize impact.

Custom Illustrations

We provide a variety of illustration styles from caricature, instructional, cartoon, 3D, digital and photo-realism.


We work with a variety of preferred photographers that specialize in various categories ranging from food, commercial, product and portrait. We also provide art direction, set direction, propping and retouching.

Copy Writing

When you can’t put into words we’re here to help. Our talented roster of writers provide clear and powerful communication for instructional, technical, romance copy, and advertorial. We also provide translation services.

Print Production

Preparing files properly for print is important and can be costly when done incorrectly. Our team of production specialists prepare and check all files for print accuracy and quality control.