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Our Latest Innovation: Compostable Products

March 11, 2019

Last year E Hofmann Plastics made the promise to reduce our carbon footprint, and do whatever we could to be kinder to the planet. We’re happy to finally share the innovation that brings us closer to our goal and promise – our new range of Compostable Products!

We’ve been working on this range for quite some time now, and it includes bio-based Compostable Trays in several depths (similar to our MAP trays introduced late last year) and an absolutely brand-new product, Compostable Keurig Cups!

These new products are made from a 100% naturally sourced bio-based resin, made of all-natural plant and vegetable fibres, which will compost to provide the earth with nutrients once entirely broken down. Similar products made with a Polypropylene and EVOH layered structure, although are considered recyclable, are not compostable.

What we’re most excited for is that this entire range is heavily comparable to PP/EVOH products while still being made of earth friendly materials. The Bio Series carries a high barrier property and also offers an Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) 20x lower than its PP/EVOH/PP structured counterparts. This OTR rating leads to a significantly extended shelf life and assures freshness.

We are currently testing the Bio Series with several customers, and plan to launch its entirety by mid spring 2019. If you’d like to test our latest innovation for yourself, please contact us via email at customerservice@hofmannplastics.com or toll free at 1 877 787 PAIL (7245).

Hofmann Plastics is eager to take our first of many steps to help the environment, and are consistently working towards to being a sustainable company.