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Our Resolution to Recycle

January 23, 2018

E Hofmann Plastics strives to be an environmentally friendly company. We understand that sustainability is more than just being green, and we take the steps necessary to reduce our carbon footprint.

Those steps include certain techniques and policies we have in place in our facility; such as preventative maintenance on all equipment which ensures maximum outputs with no downtime, as well as investing in new technologies to reduce parts and handling.

In addition to our green practices, we’re proud to note that most of our product ranges – such as pails, and portion cups – are recyclable! This is noted on the bottom of each container with the recyclable symbol.

Along with being recyclable, E Hofmann Plastics is happy to announce a range of biodegradable products. Our new trays and coffee pods are made with a bio based resin which allows the products to naturally decompose. Our coffee pods are the first of its kind to be biodegradable, and is one of the small steps forward in Hofmann Plastics’ initiative to help the environment.

However, there are some products we carry which could not be considered as recyclable. Due to the presence of non-recyclable component in high barrier containers, they are rendered unsuitable for recycling. Our R&D team is currently hard at work experimenting and working to resolve this issue and make them suitable for recycling.

E Hofmann Plastics resolutions to become 100% recyclable in 2018 across all product ranges.

We look forward to sharing when our goal is complete, and expect to have that environmental stamp of approval sooner than you’d expect!